Well would you look at that. For real though I am really fucking pleased with this.

'but I am too weak to be your cure.'
Guernica // Brand New
Do you ever wonder that it would be like if you didn’t exists?

I will be drunk tomorrow. I will also be a mess.



Best moment imo

I hit my head pretty hard on the corner of the counter top. I mean it hurt pretty bad and then I just kept thinking if I fell asleep I would be able to forget your face, but I don’t want that. It’s times like this I wish the clinic in eternal sunshine was real.

Yesterday the sky cried with me and screamed with me. It watched me hug my knees tighter then ever while I forgot everything for a few hours. Today the sky is just gray. It’s not moving it’s not raining and It looks confused. I haven’t really left my bed today. I haven’t eaten in a while. We are so much alike.

Because no one loves me and drunk.

TITLE: UnknownLiving Together
ARTIST: Unknown Circa Survive
PLAYS: Unknown501

"The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows"
I love this band too much.

Sleepy time tea… It actually Fucking works.

Today I didn’t put on foundation or anything which to me is pretty huge. Not saying that I have major cake face or any thing, but I truly relying on make-up to make me look (or make me think I look) stunning. I don’t have any reason to dislike my skin really cause I was blessed to have relatively clear skin, but I’ve had serious dark circles for the longest. I’m so transparent that every vain in my face is so visible up close and rosey Redbook cheeks just run in the fam. For real though I’m so confident here lately that I’m just like Fuck it. I like the way I look and I mean that in the most sincere way.