Omfg the best drama I have seen in so long!

Going home to watch Korean dramas alone like a loser cause I cannnn . To be honest tho like Fuck off if you don’t think Korean men are HOT.

Should you watch sword art online?

   Why is that even a question? Why do not because season two is already out so what are you doing in your life? I don’t  like to ruin a good anime so to keep it simple it’s just really good. I feel in the otaku world people pit against attack on titan and sword art online like you have to pick a side or you’re dead… Buuuut to be honest it’s not that I hate attack on titan I really just could not get into it like the other half of the nerds. To me sword art online filled my need for a girly love romantic with some kick ass combat in the middle so something your boyfriend or girlfriend could mutually watch. Please just watch it. Like omg my heat last season.
Why I don’t like attack on titan.

I just can’t get into it. Honestly though. Why is that so bad?

I would really appreciate if true blood would stop Fucking killing everyone. Omfg.


Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette

Baller status.
To my dearest oldest friend, thank you for helping realise I still matter.

Today I felt my soul nearly leave my body, and now I’m watching anime like it never happened. Who knew?

I just want tumblr to know I went blonde and flew away with a bag of lays. What up bitchesss
Dragon ball z: battle of the gods !!!

Has any other mother fucker seen that trailer?! Please God watch it on funamation @.@